Core filled snack food processing line,core-filling extrusion snack processing line
core-filling snack machine,core filling snack processing line
        co-extrusion snack machine 

       This process line adopts advanced extruding technique which can extrude two kingds of products with different textures and tastes out of double-screw extruder at the same time. It can produce a variety of core-filling food which are popular in the market, such as fragrant chicken, core-filling rolls, crispy stick, etc.
       By changing moulds and assistant equipments, it can also produce nutritional powder, grain gruel and many other leisure snacks in different shapes. This automatic process line is of leading level for its superior characters, such as, applied to many materials, convenient operation and maintenance, low power consumption, high output.

 inflating puffed snack machine, 
 Leisure inflating food processing line
is foodstuff eqipment researched and developed by Saixin Company on the basis of international advanced technology.The performance and quality have reached the highest international level of the same line.From feeding materials,extruding&inflating,core filling,shaping,roasting,spraying to finished products are done once time with automation.We fill the gap of the first class food produced with extruded&inflated technology.This processing line can produce all kinds of inflating foodstuffs,rice bread,rolling snacks,gruels,nutrient flour and so on.

Co-extruded snack machine
A typical
co-extrusion processing line includes batch mixer
and screw feeder,
twin screw extruder and forming equipment,
filling stuff equipment, Belt dryers and coating drum.

l        The soft filling includes chocolate, cream, jelly,
fruit paste, date paste.

l        The ingredients of the outer part is generally wheat,
a variety of other cereal grains can also be progressed
such as
rice, corn, barley, rye, oats, sorghum, etc.

l        Variety shapes are available for the core-filled food,
including pillows, tubes, bars, long
and short ovals, heart shape,