Hamburger Machine/Burger Machine/Patty Forming Machine

Fast food processing line 

 We are very professional manufacturer of forming and coating processing machinery in the application of fast food processing. For decades we have been focusing on the development of the meat, seafood and vegetable fast food and developing the former, batter, preduster and breader machines and related plants, successfully found a perfect solution of all kinds of production line for our customers.
Saixin automatic multi former, batter, preduster, breader, meat tenderizer, and batter feeder machines are awarded the authorization of the CE, and ISO9001. 


Breaded shrimp,scallop,balls,chicken popcorn processing line

Automatic fresh burger processing line

Automatic Chicken(fish) popcorn processing line

Automatic fish fillet ,shrimp(Japanese style fresh crumb) processing line

Automatic union ring, sleeve fish ring processing line

Automatic skinless sausage processing line

Automatic burger(beef,chicken,fish)potato patty processing line

Automatic chicken nuggets(Colonels Crispy Strips, McNugget) processing line