how to choose kurkure extruder

Kurkure extruder is a necessary component in many types of food production lines.A major manufacturer and supplier of Kurkure extruder based in china, Kurkure extruder's production capacity could reach 150kg.h and its main motor power is about 22kw. Our Kurkure extruder is suitable for making kurkure, cheetos and niknak. It is certified by CE and it is well received by customers in a wide range of countries.

Why choose SAIXIN Kurkure extruder?
1. The food extruding machine is designed hased on unique extruding technology, which ensures the finished food stupp crispy and crunchy.
2. Aesthetical designed, and it is equipped with high precision control system wich makes operation simple and convenient.
3. The key component of the food extruder is made using brass, which ensures good abrasion resistance and long service life.
4. Vibratory feeding enable corn grits to be smoothly and uniformly feed into the barrel.
5. saixin machinery is professional kurkure extruder,cheetos extruder manufacturer.

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