Dog bisuits machine, dog biscuits making machine,dog biscuit maker

Dog bisuits machine, dog biscuits making machine,dog biscuit maker

Model No.︰SX series

Brand Name︰jinan saixin machinery

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 1 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Dog bisuits machine, dog biscuits making machine,dog biscuit maker,pet biscuits machine
*Dog Biscuits machine
*Main Material:stainless steel
*SX50-1200 biscuit making machine
Jinan saixin Automatic Biscuit Production line

1. The production line from raw materials feeding, forming, edge
Material recycling automatically and  coating, cooling, and all mechanical and electrical integration, 
automatic, biscuit thickness adjustable, mechanical transport speed can be fast or slow variable speed, and has full self-temperature control, automatic power-off leakage alarm and a series of advanced devices.
2. if customers purchase another dual purpose heads, the machine has two function : roll-print and roll-cut. so it  can produce soft and hard biscuits.
Process Flow: 
Raw Material —  Dough making    — Roll-Cut Forming — Scrap Recovery —  Sieve Sugar (Sesame, Salt) — Automatic Transmission Baking  — Cooling — Finished Product —  Packaging.

1.If the three-phase power(380V) is indeed difficult to a user, our plant have successfully developed a new coal-fired thermal oven. This furnace uses a new heat pipe, heat medium,  is the use of electric ovens cost 20%.
2. As a whole it is no pressure, no risk, energy saving (coal:20kg / h), heating up fast and so on.  
3.Changing mold can be baked biscuits, bread, poultry, pork chops and other foods.
4. The  production line with automatic stepless speed regulating device, so in order to increase production, 
users can additionally purchase the oven, each additional oven (length 2 m), about can increase production 20 KG / H.
 The multi-functional biscuit production line can produce several styles of biscuits, such as soft biscuit, hard biscuit, soda cracker, sandwiching biscuit, cream biscuit etc.,
this production line is automatic dc electromechanical integration of such process as material feeding,dough-forming for three times ,sugascreening,conveying,waste recycling,baking and spraying and cooling.

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