Bread Crumb Production Line

Bread Crumb Production Line

Model No.︰DZ series

Brand Name︰saixin

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 20000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Bread Crumb Production Line

Replacing the traditional production technology , saixin bread crumb production line is effective with less waste materials . Through mixing , cooking, crushing and screening , this production line can make various shapes of bread crumbs such as Japanese long needle shape, US granular shape , snowflake shape and so on . Bread crumb is a very popular accessory food material for frying onion ring ,chicken and steak.


Bread Crumb Machine is researched and developed on the basis of international advanced technology. The performance and quality have reached the highest domestic level of the same line. The line changes the traditional making process. From mixing materials, extruding, cutting, drying to the finished products are done in one automatic line. The bread crumb is widely used as food coating additives on the surface of frying food like: frying chicken, fish, sea foods (shrimp), onion ring etc. The taste is fragrant, crispy, delicious and no rich nutrition


1. Raw Materials: Bread Grit 

2. Products: Bread Crumb, Widely Used as Food Coating Additives on the Surface of Frying Food Like: Frying Chicken, Fish, Sea Foods(Shrimp), Onion Ring etc.

3. Capacity: 120-150 KG/H, 200-250 KG/H, 400-500KG/H

4. Flow Chart: Mixing — Extrusion — Cutting — Pulverizing — Vibrating  

5. Voltage: Three phases: 380V/50HZ, Single phase: 220V/50HZ, we can make it according to customers' local voltage of different countries

6. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by food grade stainless steel.

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