Automatic flavoring machines

Automatic flavoring machines

Model No.︰ZST-600

Brand Name︰saixin machinery

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1. Two section Automatic flavoring line, coating machine, sugar coating machine,Eight Square Roller

 1. Composed of elevator, roller seasoner, oil sprayer, and automatic powder sprayer.
2 Reasonable designed stirring teeth in the roller seasoner make it mix equally and easy to clean.
3 Advanced temperature control device in the oil sprayer makes the temperature adjustable according to different materials.
4 Overflow valve and air control the spraying volume and area of spray gun.
5 Lengthened screw in the powder sprayer conveys seasoning much equally.
6 Stainless steel structure keeps fine hygiene.

Main Features:
The device is applicable to a wide range can be used for all kinds of extruded snacks and fried snacks in seasoning and coating oil sugar.
◆ Materials will be in the roller automatically through elevator.
◆ There is a flavoring quantity control device on the roller, make sure flavor spread evenly on snacks.
◆ Rotary roller adopts complete molding, no dead angle inside.
◆ Oil spray nozzle can adjust the oil amount, spraying equally.

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