extruded savoury croutons machine

extruded savoury croutons machine

Model No.︰DS series

Brand Name︰saixin machine

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

extruded savoury croutons production line
extruded savoury croutons machinery
extruded savoury croutons making machine

Wide range of sizes, shapes and flavours

 We added an innovative high-value product to its extrusion capability for the savoury snack industry.  Snack croutons, in a range of sizes and shapes and with a wide selection of flavours, can now be made on a conventional extrusion line.

Extrusion is the most cost effective solution for these bagged snacks compared to conventional processes based on mixing, forming and baking of bread dough. Their light, crunchy texture is distinctive, with a firm bite that distinguishes the crouton from other extruded snacks.The flexibility of the extrusion process enables product size changes utilising a range of dies, and rapid flavour changes via a spray unit.

This innovative product is produced from the our twin-screw cooker extruder, a solid-barrel unit offering process flexibility through modular design, high free-volume geometry and high torque capacity.

   Our extruded savoury croutons concept that enables an extrusion line producing direct expanded standard snacks such as corn curls or maize rings to be extended in planned stages to produce a full range of high-specification, sophisticated snacks including whole grain / multigrain and co-extruded filled pillows and bars with intriguing shapes, textures and surface patterns.

New products can be introduced quickly, and short-life products become a profitable option.