crispy flat bread slice machine

 crispy flat bread slice machine

Model No.︰DSDZ series

Brand Name︰saixin machine

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Crispy flat bread slice machinery
Crispy flat bread bar machinery
Crispy flat breads were first produced by our twin screw extrusion in the early 80’s
 Crispy food products, whether eaten for breakfast, as a snack or an accompaniment for any meal, are tremendously popular with consumers. Often called crispy flat breads, these good tasting, nutritious and shelf stable products were first produced by our twin screw extrusion in the early 70’s. 

New products, such as filled crispy flat breads, have fulfilled the demand for new twists on these popular foods. 

The crispy flat bread generally has a square or rectangular shape with a wide range of possible dimensions. For example, it can vary from the small flat bread that is eaten for a snack, to the large flat bread that is enjoyed as toast for breakfast.

The raw materials used to manufacture crispy flat bread by extrusion-cooking are starch-rich and cereal-based. Wheat flour is commonly the major ingredient, often blended with rice, corn or other grains. Other ingredients including sugar, salt, milk powder and oil, are generally added for their specific functional properties. 

The innovation continues as we help processors create healthy, high fiber and low fat products and foods with a variety of textures, flavours, coatings, shapes and fillings.

Crispy flat bread technology

A finished mix of selected ingredients is conveyed into the hopper of the feeder, which supplies the dry mix to the extruder. Metering pumps inject the liquid additives (such as water and oil) into the extruder. As the dough is transported through the barrel–screw assembly,mechanical and thermal energies are supplied to the product. As processing is completed, the dough enters the die, which simultaneously textures and forms the product.

Upon exit from the extruder, the malleable bands of product are laminated and pre-cut to create the desired profile of the flat product. After toasting, the bands of precut products are cooled and finally cut, using a system that separates the individual slices, which are subsequently moved into the packaging unit.

Filled products are an interesting variation of the crispy flat bread that combine two textures: a crispy outer biscuit surrounding a soft filling.
The filling can be sweet: chocolate-based or fruit paste, or savoury; it provides predominant flavor to the product, complimented by the roasted taste of the biscuit.

The processing line for filled products is similar to the crispy flat bread production line. In fact,we can produce the filled flatbread on the same production equipment as crispy flat bread with only minor adjustments.

Our flat bread machinery can also do crispy flat bread slices andcrispy flat bread bars
Crispy flat bread slice processing machine,Crispy flat bread bar processing machine